Chocolate Strawberries & Cream

A classic British dessert with a twist. This is a super simple recipe but so delicious, enjoy with a glass of Pimm's while watching Wimbledon or whip it out at your dinner party to elevate a simple summer dish.


Serves 4 


- 10 g cocoa powder

- 150 ml single cream

- 150 ml water

- 100 g Diggle Chocolates Hot Chocolate mix

- Fresh Strawberries

- fresh cream to serve



1. In a pan mix the cocoa powder, cream, water and hot chocolate mix (this recipe wont work if you use ordinary drinking chocolate, solid chocolate can be substituted but does not have the same blend of chocolates). 

2. Very gently heat the pan until the mixture is bubbling, let it simmer until all of the ingredients are combined.


3. And the chocolate sauce is done! You can serve it warm or let it chill in a fridge to thicken up. If you are having guests over for dinner this way you can make it the day before.

4. To serve pour over fresh strawberries with extra cream, I like to leave the leaves on the strawberries for extra colour.


Voila! The chocolate sauce will last in the fridge for four days but I would be surprised if it lasted that long.

This is such a simple sauce recipe but can be used for so many different dishes, pour over birthday cakes, berries, banana splits or make an ice cream sundae.

I hope you love this recipe, if you give it a go please send me pictures of your delicious creations, and if you have any ideas for recipes you'd like me to make do get in touch.

Philippa Diggle